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Moosefest 2008 Wrap-Up

July 25 to 27, 2008

Thank You!!

Moosefest is a labor of love for the many volunteers that work hard to put it on. Thank you to the Moosefest Committee: Stacy, Marie, Linda, Kurt, Kathy, Jerrilynn, Jennifer, Gary, Eddie, Candace, and Barbara. It truly is a team effort. Moosefest would not have occurred without all of these wonderful volunteers!

And thank you to the 82 people that registered and came to Moosefest. It really wouldn't have happened without you!

Celebrity Guests

Diane Delano

played Sgt. Barbara Semanski

William J. White

played Dave the Cook

Rosetta Pintado

played Mrs. Noanuk in the Our Tribe episode when Joel is adopted into the tribe

Harry Pringle

played Henry Morningstar in the Our Tribe episode, and several other appearances

Phone interviews were with

  1. John Cullum ("Holling Vincouer")
  2. Moultrie Patten ("Walt Kupfer")
  3. Janine Turner ("Maggie O'Connell")
  4. Grant Goodeve ("Rick Pederson")
  5. Adam Arkin ("Adam")
  6. Cynthia Geary ("Shelly Tambo Vincouer")

A CD is available for purchase in the Moosefest Store.

Charity Fundraising

Moosefest 2008 guests raised $4,169 for Roslyn charities. The funds were raised through a combination of live and silent auctions, a raffle of the beautiful quilt made and donated by Candace, Northern Exposure song CDs donated by Eddie, and several cash donations. Thank you to everybody that contributed! Friends of Roslyn, the charitable organization that puts on Moosefest, has made the following donations thus far:

Press Coverage

Fan Photos

These are all the links to fan photos of Moosefest 2008 that we know of. Please send an email to if you'd like to have your photos linked from here.

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